Taking Care of Business

Be Financially Prepared for the Unexpected.

The Quiet Revolutionary

The transformation of Brightwater has been Dr Penny Flett’s lifetime achievement.

Doctors Caught in the Cross-fire

Protecting children from abuse is not as easy as the legislators make it sound.

Are PHNs the Hope of the Future?

Primary Health Networks are getting ready to make a real difference in primary care.

Teaching and Knowledge Exchange

GP Dr Cathryn Milligan gains as much from her students as they do from her.

Do Human Rights Have a Use By Date?

Is aged care in Australia steeped in ageism?

  • Taking Care of Business

    Tuesday, 24 May 2016
  • The Quiet Revolutionary

    Tuesday, 01 March 2016
  • Doctors Caught in the Cross-fire

    Tuesday, 01 March 2016
  • Are PHNs the Hope of the Future?

    Monday, 01 February 2016
  • Teaching and Knowledge Exchange

    Monday, 01 February 2016
  • Do Human Rights Have a Use By Date?

    Sunday, 01 November 2015


Museum Maps Who We Are 201606-Coles-Alec-Mr-Jun16The WA Museum celebrates an exciting stage of its evolution by looking back at how far we've come.
Taking the Drop 201606-Chapman-Phil-Dr-portrait-Jun16Dr Phil Chapman is a dedicated doctor and a keen surfer, so where better to practice both than WA's South-West.
Worrying the Well, Sidelining the Sick 201606-testtubes Prof Paul Glasziou gathers evidence to show the nett harms of over-testing and over-treatment.
Costing an Arm and a Leg 201606-knee-prosthesis Private Health Insurers are putting pressure on the Health Minister for pricing reform for implanted medical…


Time to Get Tough 201606-Target-bullseyeDoctors are being used as political ping pong balls. It's time they stopped.
GPs Launch Protest 201606-Ananda-Keith-Dr May14 GPs are being given no choice but to warn patients what the rebate freeze means to them.
Revalidations Views 201606-Haysom-Georgie-Ms Mar15 Medical defence organisations also want to see robust debate on revalidation.
Forward to Fellowship 201606-Porter-Kelli-Ms May16 The support mechanisms in place for IMGs are seeing these doctors settle in the regions.
Dangers of Going Soft 201606-Walley-Allan-Apr09 Dancing around issues has been part of the problem and it's time to get tough.