Clinical Ophthalmology


The following articles are courtesy of the Eye Surgery Foundation.
Age-related macular degeneration PDF File Dr Chris Kennedy   01 Dec 05
Age Related Macular Degeneration PDF File  Dr Jane Khan  01 May 09
Allergic Conjunctivitis PDF File  Dr Boon Ham  01 Sep 09
AMD New Treatments And Future Research PDF File   Dr Jane Khan  01 Jul 09
Astigmatism now tackled by intraocular lenses PDF File Dr Philip House 01 Feb 07
Bladeless laser eye surgery PDF File Dr Robert Paul 01 Aug 08
Choices in Intra-ocular Lens PDF File Dr Ian Anderson 01 Oct 07
Collagen Cross-linkage for Keratoconus PDF File Dr Ian Chan 01 Oct 10
Corneal transplant surgery PDF File Dr Robert Paul 01 Jul 06
Dry eye syndrome PDF File Dr Stuart Ross 01 May 06
Expanding options for presbyopia PDF File Dr Ross Littlewod 01 Apr 07
Giant cell (temporal) arteritis PDF File Dr Boon Ham 01 Apr 08
Glaucoma PDF File Dr Boon Ham 01 Mar 06
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension and the eye PDF File Dr Stephen Colley 01 Sep 06
Importance of Glaucoma Screening PDF File Dr Dru Daniels 01 Aug 10
Macular degeneration :early referral saves sight PDF File Dr Chris Kennedy 01 Dec 07
Meeting highlights worldwide collaboration in eye surgery PDF File Helen Smith & Yvonne Fletcher 01 Aug 07
Ocular manifestation of molluscum contagiosum PDF File Dr Boon Ham 01 Jun 07
Ocular Toxoplasmosis PDF File Dr Michael Wertheim 01 June 10
Recognising Acute Glaucoma  PDF File Dr Michael Wertheim  01 Feb 10
Tackling Trachoma in Australia PDF File  Dr Stuart Ross  01 Mar 09
Therapeutic Use Of Refractive Surgery Laser Technology PDF File Dr Ian Chan  01 Nov 09
Thyroid eye disease PDF File Dr Stephen Colley  01 Jun 08
Varicella-zoster Ophthalmicus - A Special Case PDF File Dr Jo Richards 01 Dec 10
Where the need is great PDF File Perth Eye Hospital 01 Nov 06

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