Do you sometimes feel you’re not getting your staff to work to their full potential? That you just know they’re capable of more, but you don’t know how to get them to realise their full capabilities?

You can get more from your staff by giving them permission to make mistakes. We all learn through our mistakes and work is where making mistakes should be an essential part of a learning environment. Make your workplace a “safe” place for mistakes – teach your employee how to fix his/her own mistakes rather than diving in and fixing them yourself. This will not only empower your employee to fix future mistakes, but also to share the knowledge with other staff members.

Encourage an exchange of ideas between staff members – what is a problem for one may have already be solved by another. Permitting an open forum in which everyone’s ideas are heard and considered empowers people to share their thoughts and leaves them feeling valued by the employer.

A workplace in which an employee is valued and never made to feel they have made a “stupid mistake” will soon have the best performing employees working to their full potential.

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