March 22, 2019 all-day
Clinical Training & Evaluation Centre (CTEC)
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CTEC’s new The Cutting Edge: Introductory GP Wound Suturing is a highly practical workshop aiming to introduce the GP and Nurse Practitioner to the fundamental knowledge and techniques required for patient assessment, suturing and knottying skills. This workshop is of particular relevance for GPs and Nurse Practitioners with limited clinical exposure to minor surgical techniques and those wishing to consolidate experience. It is strongly recommended as a foundation suturing workshop for GPs wishing to attend CTEC’s The Cutting Edge: Managing Skin and Soft Tissue Injuries workshop.

The Cutting Edge: Introductory GP Wound Suturing workshop features a combination of didactic sessions, demonstrations and hands-on sessions utilising animal tissue and other simulation models. It includes a one hour free practice session.

Workshop Content:
Demonstration and Practical Sessions:
• Instrument choice and handling
• Knot tying
• Suture choice
• Needle safety
• Suture material
• Needle holders
• Simple suturing
• Mattress suture
• Making an incision
• Planning an incision
• Subcuticular suture
• Aberdeen knot
• Excising a skin lesion

Workshop presentations:
• General principles
• Assessment of patient
• Should you suture?
• Assessment of wound

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