Medical Forum’s roundup of the weeks’ health headlines

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What’s happening this week:

Men’s health has been in the spotlight all week. Here are some of the talking points.

National men’s strategy

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced a national men’s and boys’ health strategy focusing on mental and physical health of men and boys. Always a good headline here but the proof is in the eating. Mr Hunt said that an online public consultation would take place in order to set the priorities. Participation by clinicians and researchers is vital to make this useful.

Prostate MRI

The MBS will refund imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis which is being hailed as a win for earlier detection in high-risk men with associated better outcomes. Medical Forum will explore this issue in depth in the July edition … here’s a sneak preview.

GPs talking male fertility

Andrology Australia is developing resources to help GPs start conversations with men about fertility and reproductive life planning. The online survey will help AA make these resources as useful as possible. It’s a welcome expansion of the fertility narrative which tends to focus heavily on women’s fertility.

Featured article from the archives:

Making young men

Helping boys take up the responsibilities and freedom of manhood is being formalised in schools and in the community.

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