Divisions within divisions

Rumours from the new State-wide GP Division office are that four project officers have resigned within a matter of weeks – difficulties working with management and the Board. Meanwhile, the liquidators report on the collapsed GPDWA has still not seen the light of day with accountancy firm PPB dragging its heels because it found matters more complex than first thought. Hardly an excuse for such a long delay. Is it politics, given the current mood of regulators such as ASIC, where directors are increasingly held responsible, especially if thought to trade while insolvent?

iiNet pulls BB4H plug

iiNet, WA’s largest internet service provider (ISP), came to the Broadband for Health (BB4H) party late, didn’t like the music playing, and left the party without even chugging a beer. No reasons were forthcoming to Medical Forum. This means a practice currently using iiNet cannot access up to $2065 p.a. in broadband payments, or the $1000 one-off Security Incentive payment for internet security confirmed by an IT professional (due June 30). BB4H-friendly ISP Westnet is less wallflowerish and has gladly offered to take iiNet’s customers.


Remember Dr Brian Roberman, the man in charge of the stirrups at KEMH when things went bung a few years back? Some called him a scapegoat for KEMH’s obstetrics mess and threw dinner parties and BBQs to support him (see www.supportbrianroberman.com for some PR-friendly pics). Others agreed with the initial guilty verdict from the Medical Board. After appeal, Brian ended up with a reprimand from the Board. So where is he now? Tucked away as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine at Notre Dame University (which was not eager to disclose).


Ba ba ba Boom

IPN (T/A Foundation Healthcare and 73% owned by Sonic Healthcare) is back on the acquisition trail having already purchased the general practice assets of Endeavour Healthcare. New managing director and GP Dr Malcolm Parmenter will focus on recruiting and retaining doctors in existing centres, and IPN has worked off much of its debt and is in a situation to finance practice acquisitions. Forget the boom prices of 2000 but some GPs may realise something from their practice?

Watch this space

WA’s Resonance Health has had its FerriScan technology recognised by Health Canada, US FDA and Australian TGA approval. Commercialising FerriScan has been difficult in Oz without a Medicare listing and will swing on the technology replacing biopsy for assessing liver damage from iron overload. Queensland Investment Corporation has invested $8m in Resonance, Dr Michael Wooldridge has become Board Deputy Chairman, and they have changed company secretary and CFO, none of which has impressed the stock market.





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