Today is PTSD Awareness Day and there may be some good treatment news around the corner.

A trial which aims to demonstrate the efficacy of shortened rapid exposure therapy for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has kicked off at sites in Perth and Rockingham.

Phoenix Australia – Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health at the University of Melbourne is leading the trial with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Defence and the Veterans Families Counselling Service and expanded the trial from its initial east coast sites.

The Rapid Exposure Supporting Trauma Recovery (RESTORE) trial is working with past and present Australian Defence Force personnel to help develop an effective treatment for PTSD and is assessing whether a new, intensive form of prolonged exposure therapy involving 10 sessions over two weeks is as effective as the standard 10-week treatment now offered.

Researcher Dr Lisa Dell told us if the trial proved to be successful it would improve accessibility to the program.

“For some, a 10-week program is hard to commit to, but reducing that time to just two weeks means many more people will benefit,” she said.

The trial is now recruiting veterans and current serving members of the Australian Defence Force aged 18-75. Anyone interested in the trial can call 1800 856 824, email or visit for further information.

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